Denver Gourmet has a great year-round menu of fun and delicious tours that change seasonally. Currently on the schedule:  

Our Signature Tours: 

  • A Gourmet Taste of Denver - Join us for a taste of some of Denver’s best culinary experiences, where you will spend an eclectic and delicious day enjoying a diverse sampling of our city’s thriving artisanal food scene. Some of the goodies you might enjoy on this tour include warm cookies, ice cream served out of a can, craft beer, amazing paninis, and a taste of our city’s best IMG_1524food trucks. Tickets are $49. Sundays 1:00 – 4:00 pm.   Buy Tickets


  • Gourmet Tour – Street Food and Food Trucks Denver boasts some of the best food trucks in the country. Come enjoy a taste of some of our favorites and eat the best meal you’ve ever had standing on the sidewalk. Tickets are $49. Fridays from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

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  • Taste of the Highlands - The Highlands is an intriguing mix of  fabulous restaurants, markets, food trucks and gourmet shops all wrapped in the area’s mob-rich history. Join us for a tasty tour exploring Denver’s coolest up and coming old neighborhood, where you’ll experience the best paninis in town, ice cream served from a can, a spice shop featured on the Food Network, warm cookies and other fun and unusual tastes. Tickets are $49.  

Saturdays from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.  Buy Tickets

  • Taste of Lodo - Come on a culinary journey around the Ballpark, our city’s most unexpected food lover’s neighborhood and enjoy a taste of what makes Denver a great food town. Exotic game meat, amazing bagels, empanadas, and gelato are some of the great and unusual tastes to be found in this up and coming part of town. Tickets are $49. 

Saturdays from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.

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Our Premium Tours: 

  • Tacos and Margaritas - With an amazing group of local taco purveyors, Denver’s street taco and tequila scene is thriving. We’ll visit some of the city’s best taco bars where you will have your choice of the specialties of the house, paired with the tangiest margaritas and tequila in town. Each place is a different experience so you can compare flavors, styles and tastes. Ages 21+. Tickets are $69.

 Saturdays from 3:00 – 5:30 pm  

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  • Craft Brews & Gourmet Food Trucks -  In a city dominated by amazing Craft beer, Denver is also known for it’s great array of gourmet food trucks. Come along and taste some of the best food on the street – paired with our finest local craft brews. Ages 21+ Tickets are $69

  Saturdays from 2:30 – 5:00   

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  • Great Drinks Tour – With a thriving mix of craft distilleries and breweries, Denver is the place to find your next favorite drink. Come meet some of our best local artisans, hear about how and why they do what they do so well, and taste what makes them so spectacular, all paired with amazing appetizers. Ages 21+. Tickets are $69.
  •  Progressive DinnersOur Progressive Dinners show you the best of several highly-acclaimed restaurants in Denver’s coolest neighborhoods – a fun and delicious event where the food is spectacular, the company is superb and you might discover your next favorite restaurant. Your four-course journey will include an array of delicious appetizers and tapas, a choice of delectable entrees and a decadent dessert. Each dish has been chosen to demonstrate restaurant’s unique style, all beautifully paired with wine or beer. Ages 21+ Tickets are $79, all-inclusive. Available for private events   ********************************

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